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Une réplique de GeeBee Q.E.D

Une réplique de GeeBee Q.E.D est en cours de finalisation aux states.... GeeBee QED 1 GeeBee QED 2 GeeBee QED 3 GeeBee QED 4 GeeBee QED 5 GeeBee QED 6 GeeBee QED 7 Vu sur http://www.antiqueairfield.com/articles/show/1549-jim-moss-gee-bee-q-e-d-project

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Mise à jour du 21/10/2013

"Many have heard of the QED reproduction built by the late Jim Moss. Rich Aldredge of the team of volunteers building and flying the QED sent this update on flights over the past weekend. Photos by James Polivka and Liz Matzelle. QED Flight 35
Yesterday was another banner day for the QED. Carter was able to get in 2 flights each about 30 minutes in length. On the first flight we explored further the low speed flight regime only this time with some flap extensions. Found it takes a Herculean strength arm to extend the flaps past the first notch but at 1 notch everything was nominal for airspeeds from 80 to 135 kts. Also gave the beauty a bit more rein....saw climb rates over 1200 fpm at 135 kts with only 30 inches of manifold pressure. Also got up to airspeeds slightly over 180 kts during Flight 3. The beautiful beast really wants to get up and go. QED Flight 36
Before the second flight (Flight 4) we adjusted the aileron trim tab and Carter then took her back up to get a better feel for flight stability. He seemed to be having such a good time banking, climbing and cruising we on the ground were afraid at one point he had left the area for parts unknown. He landed to report that the trim tab adjustment had made it a hands off flying beauty but there was now a problem with the turn and bank indicator. He said every time he changed power settings the little ball on the bottom seemed to bang back and forth from one side to the other. For all you flight control engineers I think we need to do some work on the lead/lag filters in our rudder control loop although I suspect this may be a self-correcting phenomenon. QED Flight 38
Many of the QED Team were able to make it down for these flights and it was really great to see them get to enjoy the beauty of the beast in flight. It was also great to have so many helping hands when it came to moving her around and wiping a bit of exhaust/oil off the beauty. A couple of Carter's friends from Heritage Flight Foundation, James Polivka and Liz Matzelle, were also present and took some really great photos. Attached are a few of their shots. I do ask that you not share these photos with any publications, businesses or organizations without first getting approval. QED Flight 39
Next flight(s) may happen sometime next week...schedules and weather permitting. Will keep you informed." Rich QED Flight 37
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